The T-shirt Test

A simple equation of a brand is: Brand = Awareness x Meaning.

Awareness is not enough to be a strong brand. The strength of a brand depends to a large degree on the surrounding associations and the meaning they have. A brand name can carry a lot of positive meaning, but only a small amount of people are aware of it, or a brand can have a high awareness, but little meaning. The more a brand means to people and the more people are aware of it, the stronger the brand.

If you want to know what your brand currently stands for, do a T-shirt test. Write the name of your brand on a T-shirt and imagine a person wearing it while standing on a stage in front of 10.000 people. What will cross their minds? How many people will know the brand? What products will they link it to? What type of people? What price? What kind of benefits and values? Will the audience be proud or ashamed?